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Our Equipment

Aquatic harvester
Aquamarine Harvester
     Our Aquamarine Harvester can remove vegetation up to 6 feet deep.  It will cut, collect, and transport the weeds to the boat launch, where it is off-loaded onto our conveyor trailer and hauled away to a pre-determined dump site.  Nothing works better, or faster when you have a large area of weeds to remove on your lakefront.
Truxor for shore and shallow work
Truxor Amphibious Aquatic Weed Cutter
     The Truxor is our go-to when we need to get into an area where no other machine can go.   With it's truly Amphibious nature, we can get into small ponds, low ground, or any other area that needs cleanup by going directly from land to water.  This machine specializes in shoreline work where a floating machine just can't access. It's many attachments allow us to cut, pull, rake, and clear debris like no other.  
Cattail removal

Job Site Photos

shoreline weed removal
Shoreline weed removal
lily pad removal
clearing boat channel
weed removal for boat access
lake weed removal
Cattail removal near me
lake weed removal
lake weed removal
weedy swim area
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