Removing Aquatic Weeds during the spring, summer, and fall, will reduce the overall amount of Aquatic Weeds that will be on your lake front in the future. Chemicals kill the lake weeds but create a biomass on the bottom of the lake, which causes a “Mucky” type bottom. Ultimately you’re adding mass to the bottom of your lake, losing depth. Aquatic Weed Harvesting can actually improve the ecosystem on your lake when managed properly. All of the vegetation we harvest is recycled back into the environment through sources such as compost, fertilizer, and animal feed. 


From cutting waterways to gain access to the lake, to cleaning out weed infested recreation areas, we can give your waterfront a healthy haircut. It is about keeping your lake in balance, and allowing you and your family to get the most enjoyment possible out of your lakefront property. 


Our Services Include: 

  • Boat channel weed removal

  • Floating leaf vegetation removal

  • Submerged vegetation removal

  • Off-site removal of cut vegetation

 (Permits may be required, see Guidelines)